Tuesday, 16 August 2016


We've talked before about how grief is not a straight line and how time can become elastic. The exhibition has moved from my home town down to the National Needlework Archive in Greenham, I am missing it as before whilst at the Coffin Works it was just around the corner and I could visit whenever I wanted to. I miss people all the time but I did not think that I would miss the exhibition being so close or that it would begin to remind me of who I am missing.

I know it is still around but not being able to touch and see it is fazing me a little. I suppose the similarities to grief are all too obvious in that my memories of people are still real to me it's just that I cannot meet them to make new ones. The big difference of course is that I will be reunited with the work real soon when I take it to the smallest gallery in London - The Corner Shop in Clerkenwell.

The Corner Shop is at 21 Clerkenwell Green and I will be there from 11 until 7 every day, stitching, talking and listening. It will be great to see you there. 

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