Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tapestry Needlepoint Art

I am a tapestry needlepoint artist and will be using this page in 2016 to promote my solo exhibition "7 Stages of Grief" which will open at The Coffin Works in Birmingham in May and then travel down to the National Needlework Archive at the beginning of August.

Being from Birmingham, the city of 1000 trades, I am surrounded by people making what we need and then fixing what is broken, we get on with things here, we follow processes. That cannot be said of grief.

Grief is not a straight path, a race or a tick list but as a maker driven by process and rules investigating the 7 stages of grief has helped me to understand and accept that not everything that is broken can be totally fixed we just have to take more time to make it work. 

I will be adding more details about this exhibition, the workshops and seminars that will run alongside it in the coming weeks and months.

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